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Why use a Pomade and also gel when you can utilize another thing? There are plenty of reasons to not make use of a brush and also you don’t have to choose one just because of a little pain or fuss. You might seem like you need to make use of a brush in order to make certain your hair looks smooth and glossy, however if you do, after that you will only end up wasting a lot of time and money that can be better spent on the item that works best for you. Utilizing a brush can additionally cause split ends to appear on your hair so it is not exactly the most effective way to set about cleaning your hair. A comb can make your hair appears thicker also, yet many individuals end up getting a lot of breakages at the same time. If you are looking for a means to put even more volume to your hair, after that a pomade could be the method to go. Pomades add a gloss, radiate as well as an all-natural sparkle that can not be accomplished with a brush. You can make your hair look thicker by adding a pomade and it will certainly help stop split ends from showing up in the future also. The very best component concerning utilizing a pomade as well as a brush is that you can make your own so it will not cost you much whatsoever. Many people make their very own hair oil making use of a mixture of egg whites as well as water which can be purchased from any kind of health food shop. You should use an exact proportion of egg white to water because it will depend upon the amount of product that you want to make. If you desire more product than you usually have then you can constantly utilize a bit much more egg white. To make use of the pomade as well as a brush to create hair gel and also pomade, you ought to initially blend one part egg white and also one part water and afterwards use this combination to your hair making use of a spray bottle or some sort of brush. This item is very light and you do not need to worry about making a mess. Simply spray an excellent amount into your hands and massage it right into the hair as if you are cleaning your hair. Do this over once again to create a thick material that will certainly hold your hair in place for as lengthy as you need. You will certainly locate that your hair is looking smooth and shiny extremely swiftly! When you want to include a little bit even more pomade to your hair, you can just put a little out of the bottle into your hand and afterwards add 2 tsps of sugar and allow it stand overnight. You can then spray the mixture onto your hair and after that rinse your hair with warm water. to remove any residue left. No matter what type of hair you have, whether thick, medium or rugged, pomade as well as a brush will get your hair looking excellent. quickly.
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